• Concrete Demolition

    Equipment & Methods

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    Replace or Remove?

    There are times when patching or resurfacing can resolve your concrete needs. However, certain conditions could make this solution a waste of time and money providing only a short-term fix.

    These conditions are:

    • A lot of pitting or spalling in the concrete slab. Removal and replacement could be more cost effective.
    • Frost Heave. This is common in colder climates as the ground freezes and pushes the concrete upward.
    • Settlement has caused deep, widespread cracks. Several things could cause this such as large trucks, erosion of sub grade, prep of sub grade was done incorrectly, or other reasons.
    • Sunk concrete slabs. This can also occur due to incorrect prep of sub grade, such as loose dirt. When the dirt settles, the concrete is not supported and be susceptible to sinking.
    Other reasons could be:
    • Street improvement or widening requiring old curbing to be removed
    • An addition to a building
    • Entire structure is being removed
    • Faulty concrete

    Methods for Concrete Demolition

    Rather than using dynamite or impact tools, which shatter the concrete, hydraulic and chemical pressure bursting have minimal noise and flying concrete. These methods apply lateral forces against the inside of drilled holes in the concreate.


    Chemical bursting can split the concreate in a controlled manner. It is quite with little dust or vibration. However, freezing temperatures reduce its effectiveness and it is more costly than hydraulic pressure bursting.


    Mechanical bursting is also mostly quiet (initial hole drilling produces noise and vibration) with no vibration and more cost efficient. Controlling movement and crack direction can be difficult. Additional equipment might be needed to expose reinforcing bars for cutting.

    Dismantling Portions of Walls or Slabs

    Sawing, water-jetting, or thermic lance are methods for demolishing portions of a wall or slab and can be used with little dust, noise, or impact on surrounding structures.

    Helotes Demolition professional staff will review your concrete project and help you determine the best demolition method for your concrete project. We are working for you and will find the best solution within your budget to remove your concrete. As we are local to Helotes, Texas we can be there quickly and have your project completed within your time frame. Our demolition teams support Bexar County residents including areas of San Antonio, Medina, Boerne, Castroville, and Pipe Creek.

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