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  • Do It Yourself????

    It is VERY tempting to demolish your fence on your own. However, Helotes Demolition recommends hiring professional to handle the fence demolition. It is more convenient, as it frees up your time to do the things you enjoy. It is also usually the fastest and safest option as well. Helotes Demolition can usually have a chain link fence, wood fence, brick fence, or iron fence demolished and removed within hours. We will also haul away all the debris and remove junk when we're done.
    Our professional teams can demolish and remove wood, iron, or concrete fencing and or walls. We have the tools and skills to complete the job quickly and within budget. Our professionals show up on time, keep your job site neat, and remove the old fencing when completed. We are local Helotes, Texas professionals who work hard in our community. We also service Bexar County and cities such as San Antonio, Boerne, Pipe Creek, and Castroville.
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